Brittney-Nichole Connor Savarda

Spiritual Emotional Intelligence and Awareness Coach
Front Line Employees, High potentials, HR Leaders, Leaders, Managers, Teams,

Brittney-Nichole is proof of the powerful impact emotional intelligence (El) can have on our lives. After being diagnosed with GAD, OCD, and ADD in her teens, she later reversed her diagnoses and ended her chronic panic attacks by developing this essential skill, EI.


With over 15,000 hours of formal and informal experience in emotional intelligence, Brittney-Nichole uses her depth of knowledge to work with highly ambitious, no-excuses-given individuals to help them tap into their inner abundance that is blocked by limiting beliefs, emotional trauma, and non-serving narratives.


Through a combination of modalities, Brittney-Nichole teaches individuals how to cultivate inner peace, heal emotional wounds, and find fulfillment in life, to compliment their outward success.


In addition to coaching, Brittney-Nichole is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Emotional Intelligence Magazine, an international speaker, host of the Living and Leading with Emotional Intelligence podcast, and author of The EQ Deficiency.



B.S., UNC Charlotte—Psychology



Coach U




HeartMath Trainer


NLP Practitioner



I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Gary Vaynerchuk, Brianna Wiest, Daryl Davis, Marc Brackett, and a few other influential individuals for my podcast and magazine.

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Unlocking Inner Abundance

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