Professional development just got easier.


No more shelling out thousands for mediocre, vague results. No more wondering how your company will benefit from expensive conferences, crossing your fingers and hoping it translates into improved individual and group performance.


Meet Terawatt. The key to unlocking your company’s full potential.


We’re matchmakers who make it a lot easier to find the right coach for your company and your colleagues. Whether your’re looking to help employees hone their individual skills or tackle complex, systemic problems, we’ve got your back. We’re experts at connecting top-of-their-game coaches to employers. We serve Learning & Development leaders who’re looking to grow their workforce (without breaking the bank).


How do we do it?


Think custom-fit dress shoes with a group-negotiated discount. You receive personalized solutions at an affordable rate. And better yet, we’re able to do it sustainably so that all marketplace participants–coaches, human resources leaders and employees–are valued stakeholders who return again and again.


How did Terawatt start? What’s the big idea?


Our founder, Francie Jain, was investigating a claim about a steep decline in the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs, and it led her to look for the “Yahoo of career change.” She couldn’t find a website that simply helped people find what makes their heart sing professionally, so she decided to create it herself. We create affordability by using the power of group purchasing (aka splitting the cost).


So, while 1:1 sessions with top-of-their-game coaches may not be in the budget for most of your employees, an expert working with four or more colleagues is affordable. And it’s a game-changer.


Why do we care?


Because we want to contribute to a world of happy, fulfilled people. In fact, Terawatt’s mission is to make it a whole lot easier to be great at work.


Ready to unlock your team’s potential? Let’s connect.


Francie Jain

Francie believes supporting people to achieve their potential creates a ripple effect for every community. After a career in alternative asset marketing (match-making for hedge funds), she became obsessed with the lack of professional support for individuals at crossroads. She founded Terawatt to make it easy to be great. 
Terawatt is Francie’s third for-profit endeavor. Before Terawatt, Francie founded a community that helped people with career change, Nxt Chptr, and prior to Nxt Chptr, a third party marketing consultancy, West River Partners, that raised capital for Emerging Markets-based equity hedge funds.

Matthew Hensrud

Matt brings his unique mix of communication skills and 20 years of computer science development expertise to Terawatt. 
After starting his career with a strong foundation in practical design, programming, production, and marketing, Matt has used his communication skills to expand into a technologist and project manager. 
Before Terawatt, Matt led the Platform Engineering team at Freshly, where he progressed from engineering to leadership during their hyper-growth period and eventual near-billion-dollar sale to Nestlé. Before growing professionally at Freshly for nearly 6 years, Matt worked as an engineer and technical product manager as numerous startups including Mast Mobile, SoundStreak, EyeIC, Carnegie Hall, among others.
Matt is a graduate of Valparaiso University (B.A.).