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Did you know that a terawatt is a unit of energy equal to one trillion watts?

That’s a lot of energy!

One Benefit, Three Solutions

Terawatt's group coaching marketplace serves three customers equally.
Group coaching to develop organizational leadership
People Leader
For the same cost of attending one conference, employees are able to receive the coaching they're asking for.
Become a Group Coach With Terawatt
Coaches set their own rates for employer-purchased group coaching.
Coaching Employee Development With Terawatt
Say good-bye to pre-recorded and stale learning & development. Say hello to live, personalized group coaching.

How it works

Bringing group coaching to your company is as easy as 1, 2, 3
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Your teams could use some expert support
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Our coach concierge will match you with the perfect partner to address your concerns
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After you and your coach design the perfect program, your employees will learn, grow, and become more connected to each other

The Terawatt Journey

What people are saying about Terawatt and our coaches

"Amy was so great! I was having a hard time communicating with my coworkers and managers. Through Amy's course I was able to take her teachings and really apply it to my life and my job. Through her class, I am a better communicator now and make sure people understand where I am coming from!"
Jessica Lynn
Participant in Conversational Intelligence Workshop
“My coach was the perfect balance of warm, inspirational, polished and direct. When is the next class?”
Participant in Executive Presence Course
"Leonora helped to find clarity on the subject of values and what matters most to me. I greatly enjoyed the session and cannot wait for the next one!"
Participant in Leader-Coach program
"Steve helped me lower my anxiety and negative self talk."
Participant in Human Performance Workshop
"My coach made her content clear and actionable. She guided class participants with warmth, understanding and positive support. She was responsive to all questions and very forthcoming to provide real life examples."
Participant in Executive Leadership Course
"I know there are times in my life where I take on too much, feel really burnt out, and am longer happy with what I was taking on. I learned from this class with Jessica how to stay working hard and enjoy my work."
Partipant in the Conscious Professional Course
"Five stars! I would absolutely recommend this class to a friend because I learned more about something I think about all the time-how can I best present myself? Very valuable content, which I thoroughly enjoyed."
Participant in Executive Presence Workshop
“I signed up thinking this opportunity might be helpful to me professionally, but I think it will also have a lasting impact on my relationships outside of work. Overall, it has”
Corena, Leader-Coach Program

Coaches of the Week!

Margaret Brown
Leadership Advisor & Coach
Front Line Employees, Leaders, Managers, New Leaders, New Managers,

I teach young artists at my local art studio and paint with my favorite ‘expressionists’ (my daughters).

Greg Corbin
Leadership Coach & Inclusion Specialist
Front Line Employees, Leaders, Managers, New Leaders, New Managers, Teams,

I know how to draw the entire United States in under 10 minutes. I am a vegan but I crave bacon every now and then. If I had only one thing I could do the rest of my life it would be to spend all day building imaginary cities with my son.

Julie Giulioni
Leadership & Career Development Trainer/Speaker/Author
HR Leaders, Leaders, Managers, New Hires, New Leaders, New Managers, Rising professionals,

You’ve likely seen my neighborhood because it’s regularly filmed for movies, TV, and commercials.

Companies we've served

Group coaching has an unbeatable ROI. And we can prove it.

Terawatt’s research program began in 2020 as a way to understand the difference in how HR leaders and employees viewed professional development benefits.


To learn more about the benefits of group coaching, download the most recent 2022 Professional Development Survey.

Kate - Wellness Coach
Remote Group Coaching Video Session |

Group coaching does it all

A new era of workplace connection
Virtual relationships are authentic and impactful.
Coaches you can trust
Our team vets all our coaches personally so you don't have to.
Exponential success
Supported employees add unlimited value to your company.
Science-backed solutions
Study after study proves that coaching works.

Terawatt is a values-driven company

Everyone has the right to excellence
Individual growth powers the collective
Connection is quantifiable
Deluxe & delightful are scalable

Terawatt is the only B2B group coaching marketplace

For the price of one expert coach, you can serve 10+ employees with customized content that enhances individuals’ lives and your business.

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Not sure how to make the business case for group coaching?

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