Top ten reasons to invest in group coaching for your employees

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Professional Development is a competitive advantage.
When leaders focus on developing people, their companies see a long term performance edge. In addition, companies with an excellent employee experience, specifically collaboration, creativity, and empowerment, innovated at twice the average, doubled the customer satisfaction and achieved 25% greater profitability.

Performance through people: Transforming human capital into competitive advantage, McKinsey, 2023

Building Business Value With Employee Experience, MIT CISR 2017
The primary reason people leave employers is lack of professional development.
The #1 reason people leave employers is lack of professional development. 2021 Work Institute Retention Report
Your employees, especially Millennials and GenZ, want to grow on the job-even more than get a raise.
Your employees, especially Millennials and GenZ, want to grow on the job—even more than get a raise. 2022 LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2021 Works Institute Retention Report 2019 Deloitte Millennial Survey 2019 Deloitte Welcome to Gen-Z Report
As of November 2020, the SEC has been keeping their eye on your employees’ experience at work—their wellbeing, their training, their relationships. Don’t leave professional development to chance.
Your managers are your everything. And they need coaching, especially these days.
According to a 2022 Udemy study, the need for coaching as a skill is up 184% 2022 Workplace Learning Trends Report Your managers are your everything. And they need coaching, especially these days. “Why Manager Development is a Top Goal,” Gallup, 2020
If you’re serious about hiring underrepresented groups, offer coaching. Terawatt’s original research found that the group that wants coaching the most is Black women.
People want to feel taken care of on the job, so including Terawatt’s group coaching as part of your employee package will help with recruitment and retention.
Creating a culture of psychological safety is one of the most important ways for teams to innovate and succeed, which is more important than ever in our post-pandemic world.
Teams that learn together, grow together.
The cost of replacing employees is approximately 30% of an employee’s annual income. Instead of hiring new employees, why not coach the ones you’re with?

Terawatt’s all about spreading the love.

That's why we're committed to group coaching—to make expert coaching available to all your employees.

Group coaching is a superfood for your business.

Employee groups split the cost of the coach’s market rate
Individuals benefit from the dynamic conversation and feedback
Teams connect to one another in real time for deeper engagement
And to top it all off, coaching has an amazing ROI (Return on Investment).

Download our original survey to learn more about just how much your employees want coaching.

The importance of professional group coaching in the workplace | Terawatt
Online group coaching video session with Terawatt

Why group coaching?

We're so happy you asked!

You'll love it because it offers:

  • Top-notch professional coaching for everyone in your company — not just the C-Suite.
  • Authentic connections among teams, which has been proven to increase retention, engagement, and innovation (all of which lead to bottom-line results!).
  • An opportunity for HR to shine because our employees are asking for meaningful, individualized professional development—sometimes even more than a raise.

Group coaching in a nutshell

  • 1:1 coaching
  • Available only to those who can afford it
  • One person benefits at a time
  • Coaching content is focused on one individual’s contribution
  • The HR gatekeeper has the tough job of choosing which employees to 
receive coaching among the many who want it
  • Group coaching
  • Employee groups split the cost of expert coaches, spreading the love far and wide
  • The benefits of group coaching is exponential
  • Group dynamics help co-workers connect, bond and motivate each other
  • HR/L & D Leaders can delight in offering valuable coaching across the organization to develop high-potential employees and create cohesion among teams
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Not sure how to make the business case for group coaching?

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