Sabine Ramsay

Executive & Mental Fitness Coach
High potentials, Leaders, Managers, New Hires, New Leaders, New Managers,

With 20+ years of experience in management roles for multinational companies in different countries, Sabine Ramsay aims to support leaders with personal and professional development in supporting adaptability, resilience, and transparency while keeping up with the demand of a rapidly changing marketplace.


As an ontological coach, she focuses on her client’s unique gifts, talents, and abilities and facilitate the necessary steps for them to make conscious leadership choices and behavioral action steps that best align with their authentic selves. She does this by listening to my their information and skillfully crafting powerful questions that support you in finding new possibilities and unleashing hidden powers to live a fulfilled life.



MBA., University Ludwigshafen, Germany



Newfield Network, PCC


Positive Intelligence


I have traveled to or lived in 48 countries on 5 continents, quit my job to backpack for 18 months, worked on a dive boat in Fiji as Dive Master, published a book, won 5 SUP races in one year.

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