James Ripley
Guided Meditation Coach

For the past 30 years, James has studied how we can create real, lasting change by leveraging the power of our 1) meditative states, 2) our presence, 3) and what guides us. He founded the Guided Meditation Institute and also leads medicine journeys and provides the pre & post integration work.


James loves working with growth-oriented entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, podcasters, speakers; and especially those in a major life transition who are curious about healing with psychotropic medicine and extra-ordinary states. His specialty is the 2.0 hour Guided Meditation session, that can be expanded to the Two Day Medicine Journey Retreat.


He’ll put a cherry on top by creating guided meditation custom for you that includes your most powerful symbols for lasting change. He calls it your Guided Mediation to Live By. He is a writer, speaker, & trainer in Boulder, Colorado, who is certified in the art and science of guided meditation.



B.S., Miami University



Guided meditation and Biofeedback, Anna Wise Center


Open Focus, Les Fehmi


Massage Therapy School, Chinese Medicine School


Fun Fact:

I joined hypnosis society in college and did ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon in 1997. I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to my sweetheart and helping you discover more about what really guides you in the way you would love to be guided.

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