Greg Corbin

Leadership Coach & Inclusion Specialist
Front Line Employees, Leaders, Managers, New Leaders, New Managers, Teams,

A global citizen who has touched down in 20 countries, Greg Corbin carries 15+ years of executive leadership, strategic planning, stakeholder partnership development and community engagement experience.


Corbin coaches visionary leaders on how to bring empathy and compassion into the workplace so they can motivate and inspire authentic communication and intergenerational teamwork in their companies, ultimately impacting global reach, retention and profitable growth.


Corbin’s mission is to help leaders and people managers strengthen empathy and understanding with comprehensive tools and guidance to increase their cultural understanding and belonging.


His clients experience swift improvements with enhanced confidence, flexibility in moments of tension, higher acumen for work/life balance and transferable inclusive leadership skills. With a heightened awareness of emotional and cultural intelligence, Corbin empowers you to build your leadership toolkit as you work with people from all backgrounds steering the ship towards growth and innovation.


With a human-centered and holistic approach, and background in live poetry keynotes, he is a masterful relationship builder and quickly imparts those skills into his coaching practice.



B.A., Lincoln University



Executive Education, Fostering Diversity and Inclusion, Yale School of Management


Trauma Informed Leadership and Group Facilitation, Lakeside Global Institute


National Executive Leadership and Organizational Leadership, Bryn Mawr College


Strengths-Finder 2.0


MBTI Certification (in process)


Fun Fact: 

I know how to draw the entire United States in under 10 minutes.


I know how to draw the entire United States in under 10 minutes. I am a vegan but I crave bacon every now and then. If I had only one thing I could do the rest of my life it would be to spend all day building imaginary cities with my son.

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