Dr. Stephen Long
Human Performance & Leadership Coach
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Dr. Stephen Long is the founder & president of Motere Consulting, a performance enhancement firm providing management assessment and management development services specializing in human performance, leadership effectiveness, talent optimization and strategic execution.


Dr. Long has unlocked the potential of exceptional leaders, champion athletes, fighter pilots, military special operations personnel, elite producers and corporate executives through his statistically based predictive model of Human Performance & Leadership.


His model has been successfully applied to thousands of people and dozens of organizations in business, military, academics, athletics and the arts. His clients average 115% improvement in financial performance on average with a zero failure rate.


Author of four books, Dr. Long began his career as a college football coach at the University of Virginia and the University of Delaware.


Dr. Long then served as the Head of Performance Psychology in the Human Performance Lab at the US Air Force Academy studying strategic execution, high performance, performance plateaus and choking under pressure though field research. A University of Utah independent study identified Dr. Long as one of North America’s top applied performance psychologists.



B.S., University of Delaware

M.Ed., University of Virginia

Ph.D., University of Kansas



Motere Consulting Certified


CPP — California Psychological Inventory


RBL — The Leadership Code Assessment


MHS — Emotional Quotient Inventory


OSI — Opposite Strengths Inventory


eSpeakers Certified Virtual Presenter


Fun Fact:

I compete as a master’s swimmer in my free time and I am an  accomplished marathoner. I played one season in a 50+ baseball league where I hit my first dinger since Little League.

LeadershipLeadership EffectivenessStrategic ExecutionTalent Optimization

The Prosperity Trait®: What Great Looks Like


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Design Thinking: The Foundation for Consistent Performance


The Nature of Things: Leadership From the Inside Out


A Matter of Trust (with Terawatt Coach, Dr. Tommy Thomas)

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