Dov Pollack

Executive Coach, Team Facilitator
Directors, High potentials, New Managers, VP,

For over 18 years I have coached executives from PepsiCo, Neiman Marcus, The European Investment Bank, Charles Schwab, Red Hat and many more. I help leaders hone, articulate, and amplify their story. Whether externally as a thought leader or internally to stakeholders, I push leaders to lean into authenticity, bring bold perspective and elevate their impact through values and purpose.


My coaching style is influenced by my own background and experience. I’ve learned to listen and question, to understand what motivates people and what holds them back, and understand that not everyone thinks, communicates and acts in the same way. Flexibility and sensitivity are the key to being able to offer my clients a different view of the world, a way to move forward and the motivation and skills to succeed.


I am the host of the Next Wave Leadership podcast. I have interviewed over 150 leaders creating a space for them to tell their stories, highlight their formative life experiences and share their gems of personal insight. I can truly say, I’ve seen the power ONE person’s story CAN have. The key is knowing how to communicate that story and amplify it out into the world.


Education: Kenyon College- Political Philosophy


Certifications: Certified Coach New Ventures West, MBTI Master Practitioner, EQi 2.0


SUPERPOWER: I know how to throw a great party because I know what makes a great host. Someone who instantly makes people feel comfortable and connected. Resulting in the kind of parties where you meet new friends, dance the night away and get home way later than you’d intended 🙂


I once played basketball with Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg on the set of the movie the Basketball Diaries.

CommunicationExecutive PresencePresentation SkillsStrategic Story Telling

Executive Presence Mastery: develop a strong executive presence, exude confidence, credibility, and charisma


Transformational Leadership: Empowering New Managers for People-Centric Success


Building High-Performing Teams- Foster a Collaborative Culture, Align Team Goals and Improve Team Productivity

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