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Mindfulness-Based Coach & Trainer
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Abigail Somma (Abbie) is one of those lucky people with two meaningful careers. She has coached and trained hundreds of people in mindfulness, mindset and emotional wellbeing. In addition to working with numerous individuals, she has delivered workshops to international organizations, businesses, schools and universities, and NGOs.


On her other life path, Ms. Somma has had a longstanding career in international policy, primarily as a speechwriter, writer and editor. She has worked for the UN, the World Bank, global foundations and think tanks. In her role as a speechwriter, she has written for celebrities, business personalities and multiple international leaders.


Ms. Somma has a Bachelor’s degree from Villanova University and a Master’s from Johns Hopkins University. She is also a professionally produced playwright (a third career!) Her writing has been published in the Globe and Mail, Foreign Policy, Ethics in International Affairs, Scary Mommy and others.



B.A., Villanova University


M.A., Johns Hopkins University— International Relations and Economics



Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Sciences


Lead F., Female Founders Accelerator


I live in Vienna, and write poetry and theater plays, which have been produced in NYC and Sydney, Australia.

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Building Emotional Well-being and Resilience


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