We’re small but mighty (and growing).

Francie Jain

Francie Jain is a two time entrepreneur, and Terawatt is Francie’s second for-profit endeavor. Her previous role was the founder of a third party marketing consultancy, West River Partners, that raised capital for Emerging Markets-based equity hedge funds. Francie graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Politics with a minor in visual arts, and then she went into a career in fashion. She then graduated from University of Chicago Booth School of Business with an MBA. While Francie was once drawn to the business of art, she is now obsessed with the art of business.

Bethany Saltman

Bethany Saltman is a longtime advisor to founders, thought leaders and brands helping them bring visions to market. Calling upon her decades as a professional writer, editor, and and branding guidance, Bethany is Terawatt’s in-house strategist. She is also a recognized expert in the psychology of relationships, and the author of the critically acclaimed non-fiction book Strange Situation, named one of the best science books of 2020 by New Scientist. Bethany and her family divide their time between Phoenicia and Troy, NY.

Ifeoma Ahuna

Ifeoma is a self-proclaimed project enthusiast, brand manager, and social media addict with a passion for helping companies spread their brand message. Her obsession with social media started at a young age and blossomed during her time in college where she studied Marketing and Supply Chain Management at the University of Texas at Dallas. Ifeoma has spent her career working in multiple industries like tech, events, beauty, e-commerce, and health. At Terawatt, she spends her time managing social media, video editing, and engaging with the online community. In her free-time, you can catch her traveling, meditating, or capturing the world through videos and pictures.